Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I bring my own supplies to class?
Kits are provided to ensure all students have materials required to complete class project.  If you have questions about jewelry items you purchased, please wait until the end of class. 

Can I bring someone to class?
Only paid registrants are allowed in class.  If someone is driving you to/from class, please ask them to wait in a common area of the building or outside.

Can I bring jewelry to class for repair?

Do you teach kids?
I offer classes for adults ages 18+

What is included in class kits?
Class kits include materials required to complete class project.  Tools are not included.

What if I want additional supplies?
Students are responsible for buying additional supplies through the retailer of their choice.  

Why was the class cancelled?
Each class must have a minimum number of paid registrants 48 hours before class begins.  A class will be cancelled if the minimum number of paid registrants is not met.  A class may also be cancelled if I am sick or for due for other unavoidable reasons.  I will make every effort to re-schedule the class if paid registrants are interested and if the facility allows re-scheduling.

Can I attend class without registering?
All registrants must be registered prior to attending class.

What if I want to register the day of class?
Please read 'Why was the class I registered for cancelled?' above. 

What if I do not finish my project in class?
In cases where a project is not completed in class, you will be provided with an instructional handout so you can complete the  project at home.